Bio Orghone

Orgh was born in Rome in 1983, where he attended the art institute.

Even as a child the interest in graffiti was born when looking at the painted train panels while going to the sea and photographing the various writers of the era at the Jam of the capital.

In 1996 he began to approach Writing with the first tags and flops in his neighborhood. The first results are represented by colored flop seeds and he knows Some and Aspe with which he founded the Genuine crew, also composed by Thoms.

1999 is a year that leads to a total change for his style, embracing the 3D and starting with his crew to give a new boost to the graffiti scene in Rome by organizing complete themed walls with a strong impact for the user.

He starts at the same time traveling and participating in various jams and important events such as Amazing Day and the Meeting of Styles as a writer, gaining an excellent position in the scene, and takes part in several group shows and in 2015 his first solo show in Rome “Animal Letters”. Over the years the style undergoes several changes, given that it abandons the 3D to return to its 2d passion, based on wild style and taking up a semiwildstyle.

With time he brings back the technique for the realistic that he used on paper on the walls with an excellent result, assiduously combining it with his “semiwild” style lettering with the constant note of combining warm colors with colds and working a lot on the gradation of color in the walls. He has important collaborations with great artists such as Thoms, Etnik, Dater, Wany, Keen Rock. In recent years he founded a new crew “The Pushers” composed by Blef, Enko4, Imen and Mr Pollo. In 2015 he joined the Puf crew, active since 1996.

In 2017 he joined the historic New York crew The Death Squad active since the 1970s.

Among his work experiences he has been able to collaborate with the manufacturer of spray colors Loop for which he realizes different walls.

In 2018 he collaborated with Fendi for the creation of two works in collaboration with his partner Nina at the Palazzo della Civiltà in Rome.